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KGV Limited was set up in 2017. It is registered with the Registrar General Department as Limited Liability Company with registration numbers CS166212017 to deal in general trading, General farming, Imports and Exports of general goods etc.

KVG Limited and JHS Company are in partnership for the supply of Apex 10 to Ghana and other West African Countries, hence KGV Limited seeking financial support for the setting up of Apex 10 rebottling and Manure Factory in Wenchi Municipal, Bono Region. KGV Limited has the license for importation of Apex 10 to Ghana and other Countries.

Despite 60 years of beautiful diplomacy between the USA and Ghana, small businesses which have been the backbone of America’s success story is a missing presence in Ghana.

The small business concept has not found its way to help develop and sustain a flourishing middle class in Ghana. KGV galvanize its efforts in supporting creating equity in communities throughout Ghana and the USA.

1. To develop international relationships between private investors, manufacturers and governmental entities, to help create international trade, commerce and tourism relationships between such countries and private investors.

2. KGV is based in the USA and is responsible for Tri-State business relations and development on behalf of the Republic of Ghana.

King Global Ventures Holdings LLC in short KGV GH/USA/UK/Uganda is the profit and cooperate arm and umbrella which has and owns numerous as subsidiaries as companies in sports management such as Basta Sports, commodities trading in sugar and rice Adom.

Sugar and Adom Rice for Africa and the Caribbean, Harvest online E-commerce Store, and brand representation in USA and North America and creating new market conduits, Harvest Authentic Markets in Shoprite’s In USA, Harvest brands USA Collegial Stores, KGV engineering strategic partners in housing, roads, sewage, sea defenses, cement factories, modular building and prefabrication engineering, dry docks and marine engineering, cellular and communications technology and now farming engineering social engineering with Apex10.

KGV Limited is in partnership with JHS Company in USA, for the importation of Apex 10 to Ghana.

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