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KGV Limited was set up in 2017. It is registered with the Registrar General Department as Limited Liability Company with registration in general trading, General farming, Imports and Exports of general goods etc.

KVG Limited and JHS Company are in partnership for the supply of Apex 10 to Ghana and other West African Countries, hence KGV Limited seeking financial support for the setting up of Apex 10 rebottling and Manure Factory in Wenchi Municipal, Bono Region.

KGV Limited has the license for importation of Apex 10 to Ghana and other Countries.

The company will introduce a fertilizer which will be named “Adom Fertilizer”, which will be a product from the mixture of KGV Organic Manure and Apex 10 to complement Apex 10 to make all Alexa 10 product use organic.

Denkyem Foundation will be in charge of all training programs to farmers and others with respect to introduction of Apex 10, Adom Fertilizers to Farmers in Ghana and other countries.

KGV and Denkyem are in partnership with AKA Farms as the chosen Farm for the test of Apex 10 and Adom Fertilizer and future plantations which will in return export products and serve as show case farm for other Farmers to emulate in Ghana and other African Countries.

Harvest Market

Harvest is a community that teaches customers about new products uses for cosmetics, health, body and beauty treatments. Harvest is about enjoying different native foods such as tea from Africa and cuisines.

Harvest is a lifestyle cultural story, tourism, expression patriotism and pride backed by economics, affordability quality and consistency. Affordable quality and class while considering health and environment leading to the harmonious authenticity at your fingertips.


Denkyem Foundation is a subsidiary nonprofit organization of King Global Ventures International Holdings LLC.

The word “Denkyem” originates from the Adinkra symbols meaning “crocodile,” the aphorism for adaptability—the crocodile lives in water but breathes air. Promoting the value of diversity and respecting inclusiveness, Denkyem encourages youth to become adaptable and while instituting training and programming in academics, agriculture and workforce development.

Denkyem provides a safe haven for youth to develop their skills and self confidence, and partners with schools, community organizations, and businesses to implement Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math, Sports & Agriculture (STEAMSA) programming.

Denkyem also supports global education by assisting youth in receiving local scholarships for academics and sports to attend universities and elite high schools, as well as international student exchange programs in the USA.

KGV is 'Making Farming Sexy Again' with the all-natural fertilizer booster, Apex10. Ten percent of Apex10 proceeds go to Denkyem to support training for farmers and job creation for youth.

Denkyem Foundation also supports UN preferred developmental plans for all developing nations and aligns with the Sustainable Developmental Goals of the UN.

KGV's 10% donation to Denkyem also support and the Ghana Sickle Cell Foundation as well as sports developments programs and activities throughout Ghana and the USA, as well as London UK, Kenya, and Uganda. Denkyem Sports Foundation is our non-for-profit Arm and a very necessary social obligation give back of KGV all over the world in appreciation for being allowed to do business and share our expertise for a common human race good for all humankind.

KGV will donate 10% of all its nets proceeds within Ghana to help support Denkyem training and sports Programs all across Ghana and within these Regions and Districts

So that being said this design will depict clearly both compliment of KGV Apex10 1D1F and Denkyem Sports Foundation Training Programs. Both entities will have the flexibility to be on its own merits to lobby funds and necessary investments being impact investments or donations or Government support for 1D1F.


APEX10 Farms was founded in the year 2005, as a privately-owned agricultural enterprise. It was originally producing only arable crops which were sold to consumers nearer the farm.

We do recognize the need for more variety in produce, products, services and more competitive growing market. Eventually this idea generated the need for expansion of the farms. By expansion, the following were added; cocoa, mango and citrus plantations, goats, sheep, piggery, cattle, snail farming, bee keeping, fisheries and poultry. This has greatly increased the success of the enterprise.

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