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Youth in Agriculture

“Agriculture is Much More Than Just Farming”

Many economist predict that within the next five years, seven of the ten fastest growing economies in the world will be in Africa. Many of these African countries have seen their middle class grow substantially and this segment will continue to grow.

There is a real need to increase and improve the agriculture sectors of Africa just to feed this growing economy.

Many of the young people in Africa today are leaving the countryside for what they believe will be better opportunities and jobs in the cities. Most think of agriculture as working hard in the fields with little future.

While there are some labor intensive jobs in farming, more middle and larger scale farming operations tend to use more equipment and technologies. For instance, tractors and farm equipment are more the norm in today’s farming operations.

You need trained personnel to operate these tractors and various types of farm equipment. You also need mechanics to fix and maintain the tractors and equipment. Once product is grown and harvested, you will need packing facilities and cold storage facilities. This means that you will need semi-skilled people to work the packaging lines. You will need trained supervisors and quality control inspectors.

You will need packaging experts, logistic providers, and mechanics to maintain and fix the equipment. You will need refrigeration specialist and electricians within the facility. If you are going to further process some of the fruits and vegetables for canned goods, purees, juices, etc., you will also need food technologist, food safety technicians, laboratory technicians, food processor technicians, sanitary technicians and sanitary inspectors.

Once all of the products are manufactured, you will need sales and marketing representatives, accountants, office personnel and managers. Just envision how many good paying jobs are created through agricultural yet have nothing to do directly with farming.

I believe that it is important to present this type of information to the politicians, college professors, school teachers and the youth of the countries.

Agricultural is so important to many African countries because it employs many people; It feeds many people; It is a renewable natural resource and in many cases, an exportable product that can bring in hard currency for the country.

Since the 1960’s Africa in general, has let their agricultural sector go to waste. Because of the natural resources such as oil and minerals, agriculture was not given a high priority. Now many leaders see the need to improve their agriculture programs and feed their people. This will allow them to greatly reduce the amount of imported foods now coming into their countries. It is also a food security issue as well.

If there is a national, political or medical problem, imported foods might be comprised or not readily available. People can starve. African Governments need to have a strong agricultural sector and help improve the lives of the farmers and the people they serve.

Recycling bottles to Ghana Clean

We will adopt the concept of refilling the bottles to all end users and give them a discount price for those refills on prices. Secondly, we will also encourage the clean concepts even further by adopting the idea of paying the youths to bring us bottles off the streets for a fee on site to encourage clean-up of Ghana and giving meager jobs to our youths during their idle times.

KGV Current Projects

>> Farmers Organic Markets

>> Farmers organic markets courtesy of Apex10 within B/A and All Districts based on Apex10 applications on crops and working with such districts with time.

>> Food Bank & District Warehousing & Distribution Center.

>>We will utilize the center as food bank and logistics center, warehousing and a place of added value, all to create jobs for the youth.

>>Rehabilitation and Second Chances.

>>These programs will allow us to rehabilitate all the idle hands back into the workforce and as well as retraining all kids in the juvenile systems and adequately equipping them to do these jobs.

>>District Organic Farms for Training in Post-Harvest Losses Center for Farmers

>>We will utilize the lands for farming organic products only and with our USA partners in colleges and universities such as FDU, St. Joseph’s, Penn, Arkansas Baptist College and Arkansas State and Co. Not to forget our corporate partners such as Wakefern Shoprite and Governments such as Nj State Agriculture Dept. and Arkansas State Agriculture Dept.

>>Exports & Local Distribution.

>>We will establish markets in USA as well as the West African Asia and African markets, as well as Europe to help increase the markets for these crops.

>>Training and Jobs

>>Tree- growing, landscaping, lands restorations, streets management and trees management

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